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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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we will be shortly joined by ms. carmen chu. mr. clerk, can you read item one. >> item one is issuance of on sale beer and wine license for mikhail brodsky for pectopah, llc located at 748 innes avenue. >> thank you mr. clerk. to the department. >> [inaudible] >> hold on one second. turn your mic on. >> thank you. >> testing. good morning supervisor supervisors. i am from the san francisco police
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department. they have filed an application with the city and on cite beer premseses for 748 innes avenue. for the purpose of this hearing the california department of alcohol and beverage control seeks determination from the board of supervisors as to the approval or denial of this license. from the period of july 2011 through january 2012 there were no police calls for service, nor any police reports. the plat information located in here and 354 police actions for the calendar year 2010. the pemz premises is located in a high crime area and sensus track listed here. applicant premises is not located in undue concentration area. there are
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no record protests with the california department of alcohol and beverage control and also no records of support with the department of the california alcohol and beverage control. department of recreation. there is no opposition from the station. alu recommends approval and recommended to the california alcohol and beverage control. number one, sales, service and consumption of alcohol beveraging shall be permitted between 10:00 a.m. and 12 midnight and off cite sales are strictly prohibited and have to maintain the area over the upon premises they have control. loitering is defined to stand idle about without lawful business is prohibited to any property with the licensees as
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depicted on the form. number five. debris shall be removed from the premises within 74 hours of the application. if the graffiti happens on a holiday they shall remove it within 72 hours of the next weekday. the exterior of the premises shall have lighting and sufficient power to illuminate and make apparent the persons on the premises. additionally the position of the lighting shall not disturb the neighboring residents. number seven. no noise audible between the area of the licensee as defined on the abc form. number eight, the interior lighting is sufficient to make easily discernible and conduct of all persons and
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patrons in that portion of the premises where the alcohol beverages are sold and consumed. thank you. >> no issues with the eight months of operation at this place since they have been going beyond the issues here? >> everything has been fine? >> yes. >> it's a very interesting business model. is the owner or the applicant here? no. any comment on this item? >> mr. yep -- >> yeah, i'm just waiting for the timer. i am used to waiting for it. i am mr. yep and lived in san francisco for 50 plus
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years. this is a neighborhood i am familiar with especially at night and i am questioning since the city is on record for supporting small businesses why we're still issuing new beer and wine licenses? if i remember correct leeann earlier discussions here. >> >> at city hall there was going to be emphasis on trying to slow down the spread of these licenses, so if we're serious about supporting small businesses, especially in this area, maybe not issue it and this way give existing businesses, and also i think in the future when we have these liquor license statements i would also like to hear from the district supervisor in the area where the license is being considered so this way we have some sort of district input
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from city government rather than just the police and the planning department, so i think if we're going to support small business in san francisco we should try to limit new issuances of beer and wine licenses so this way the existing businesses could -- in a certain sense flourish, and it also sends a message to the potential crime breakers that they don't have another place to hang out. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public? >> excuse me for being late. >> it's okay. come up. are you the applicant? >> yeah, i represent -- [inaudible] >> just a quick question. are you comfortable with all the recommendations made by the police department? >> i didn't hear it, but i will hear it previous gentleman and i will tell you like specific
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type of our facility if you allow me. >> we read through the pack get we have a good sense of the operation that you run, and we heard you have no record and it's operating just fine. >> so this is closed facility. it's russian german center and only for members and we have kind of up scale client which is is not connected with the local crime, and other issues with hunter's point area, so we're trying to bring kind of different type of people to hunter's point and this, so -- yeah, and this is like our part of our tradition to have a beer with a spa, so is there any question i need to answer here? >> i don't think so. >> all right. >> any other public comment on this item? seeing none public
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comment is closed. then unless i hear otherwise we will send this forward with recommendation with the attached conditions and can the department just make sure the gentleman gets a copy of the conditions he was unaware of, and that will be the order mr. clerk. can you please read item number two? >> to the board of supervisors to be considered a week from tuesday, next tuesday. >> [inaudible] >> you don't need to be here. next item please. >> item two is a hearing to consider the transfer of a type 57 on cite special license from 2100 market street to 550 montgomery street for ami arad for wingtip. >> good morning supervisors. i am with the san francisco police department. the applicant filed an application with the
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california alcohol beverage control, abc, and seeking a general license for 550 montgomery street, tenth and 11th floors on the northeast corner of montgomery and clay street. this up scale private club will have a full service restaurant and operating on the 10 and 11th floors and currently open monday through saturday. for the purposes of this hearing the california department of alcohol beverage control seeks a determination from the board of supervisors as to the approval or denial of this license. this premise is located in plot one five zero. this plot had 355 police reports recorded for 2010. applicant premises is located in a high crime area. this premise is located in census track listed here. applicant is currently located in an undue concentration area.
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there are no -- there is no record of protest with the california department of alcohol beverage control, and there is one letter of support with the california department of alcohol beverage control. no opposition from central police station. the alu recommends approval. no conditions have been requested from abc. thank you. >> thank you. is the applicant here on this one? sir. >> (inaudible). >> only if you have something you would like to share with us. >> it all sounds good to me. i did receive a call from ken on friday explaining the license. we currently have a club right around the corner where we had a beer and wine license for the half two years. no issues there and we had a number of conditions on that one so we're
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used to that and my understanding this one is no conditions and just asking for your support. >> thank you very much. any public comment on this one? seeing none public comment is closed. colleague any questions? seeing none we will move forward with recommendation. mr. clerk item number three please. >> item three is a hearing to consider the transfer of 64 type on site theater license from 533 sutter street to 450 post street. susi damilano for the san francisco playhouse. >> good morning supervisors. i am mr. cole from the san francisco police department. the applicant filed with the california department of alcohol beverage control. this is general theater for license for 450 post street, second floor. this license is transferred from 533 sutter street second floor where the business previously
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operated. it has capacity of 211 patrons and 6:00 p.m. to -- for the purposes of the hearing the california department of california beverage control seeks determination as approval or denial of this license. from the time period of october 2011 to october 201256 police calls for service. from the same time period there were approximately four police reports generated. this premise is located in plot 166 and 67 police reports for the area. it's located in an high crime area and in the census track listed. it's in an undue concentration area. there are no records of protest with
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the california department of alcohol beverage control and there are no record of letters of support with the california department of alcoholic beverage control and as well as the liaison unit recommends approval and the following conditions have been recommended. first one, sales, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages between 2:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. daily. number two, the sale of these beverages limited to ticket holders only during and two hours prior to a bonified theater performance of the theater company. it's define that the licensee must operate a troop of actors for the purpose of putting on a performance. number three, the sales of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises is
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strictly probabilitied and served in containers clearly distinguishable from non alcoholic containers and limited to the sale of no more than two per person per sale. number six, an employee or security guard shall ensure the beverages are within the permitted area when the abc license is being exercised. number seven, laterring and defined to stand idling about and linger without lawful business and prohibited on any sidewalks or property adjacent to the licensed premise under the control of the licensee on the abc form 257. number eight, the petitioners are responsible for freeing of litter and with sufficient power and emlum nate
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and easily discernible of all personos the premises. no noise shall be audible beyond the area and control of the licensee as defined on the abc form 257. finally number 11, no one under 21 serve furnish or sell alcoholic beverages. thank you. >> thank you very much. is the applicant here? any public comment on this item? mr. yep. >> good morning supervisors. i notice on today's agenda there are actually three items dealing with liquor license so if i was a tourist of san francisco i would say that in san francisco, at least in relation to this committee there is nothing going on in san francisco except liquor licenses and we all know that is definitely not true. i would like to make a
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recommendation on two subject matters which in my opinion the city and county of san francisco has not done enough. number one, the obvious one, child pornography. the federal government has been cracking down on california but i don't see too much activity in san francisco and number two, the obvious one, which most people don't want to talk about is the sex slave trade. san francisco is one of the cities along the main routes in the west coast, so i would like to see a discussion because in my opinion it does operate in a certain sense within san francisco, so i think it falls within city operations, and i think having three liquor licenses on a monday morning -- i don't think if the taxpayers are getting our monies worth, but i want to say one thing for sure. i would like to thank supervisor olague
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for her independence. thank you. >> thank you. any further comment? public comment is closed. can we send this forward with recommendations? that will be the order. mr. clerk, anymore items before the committee? >> that concludes the agenda. >> thank you very much. we are adjourned.
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>> good morning and welcome to the [inaudible] services committee, my name is sean elsbernd. (audio very low and unclear). >> the first hearing is a liquor license on hyde street. >> i'm with the police department. the applicant has filed an application with the california department of alcohol beverage control, beverage license type 42, this is an on-sale beer and wine for 1059 hyde street, the
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california department of alcohol beverage control seeks the determination from the board of supervisors for the approval or denial. the police calls for service on june, 2011 to june 2012. the police reports during that same period, there was no record [inaudible] this premises is located on plot 542, this is a high crime as defined as -- this high crime is defined as 250 or more reported incidents.
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they shall be permitted only fwaoen the hours of 12 noon and 11 p.m. each day of the week, the sale for on-sale consumption is completely prohibited. no noise shall be depicted on the abc dated june 12, 2012. number 4, the petition ers shall be responsible for maintaining free of litter over
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which they have control, number 5, graffiti shall be removed from the premises and all parking lots under control of the licensee under 24 hours, if the graffiti happens on the holiday day, the licensee should remove the graph feet within 72 hours, they should be equipped with lighting to make easily discernable the appearance and conduct on or about the premises, additionally, the position of such lighting shall not disturb the normal privacy and i use of any neighboring residences, and number 7, loitering is prohibited on any sidewalk or property adjacent to the licensed property. thank you. >> thank you, project sponsor, we heard from -- he's unable to attend. are there any members of the public that want to comment on this. if you want to come up, come
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forward. >> [inaudible]. >> my time now. >> okay, my name is michael nulty, i'm the executive director of alliance for better district 6, our organization has a protest against this license. first, we have -- well, it's clear when you see an applicant that have no letters of support, they didn't do any community outreach, two, we've never seen a community plan for the business, and three, we believe that there's a questionable business plan if you look at the way their packet reads, there's so many documents in there that you normally don't see in somebody looking for a pcn, so we aren't
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clear exactly what the business is going to do and we're actually just concerned about, it's a high concentration of crime neighborhood and we don't see a security plan. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, my name is mike and this is my brother roger, thank you, commissioners for hearing to sell beer and wine in a vacant space in the building, we are also in the process of opening a coffee shop and other vacant space on the other side of the lobby. as you can see for our submission to the board, our family owns and operates a few small businesses including four that sell alcohol, we've been commended by the san francisco police department for our management of these businesses, we fully understand the conditions outlined by the police for our proposed wine
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bar, we also pledge to follow them and work with the neighborhood that has concerns, we are excited to get the two businesses up and running, we respectfully ask that you vote to grant the pcn request. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and you gaoe with all the conditions that have been proposed by the police department? >> we, we -- yes, we do. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, supervisors, i've lived in san francisco for 60 years, if my memory serves me correctly, i was under the impression that the city was trying to limit the issuance of new licenses in regards to liquor, so i was kind of wondering whether that policy is still being followed or as usual, there's always exceptions made depending who you are, so i would like to bring that subject up and i would like to hear the
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supervisors review that policy to see if it is true that we're trying to limit the new license fees especially in high crime areas, like the merchants know they can't really control or in a certain sense discriminate against the customers they have, so you know, you may have all the greatest intentions in the world but if people come and do whatever they wish near your property then you're kind of at their mercy, though, you know, just another liquor store sounds innocent on its own, but then when you really think about it, does that mean that's another loitering place or it's another place where gang members might accidentally meet and we'll have another shoot-out, thank you. >> and just for the record, this is not a liquor store, it's a wine bar. >> good morning, supervisors, my name is john nulty, if i believe correctly, this is amc
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theatre on top, this is on the ground floor, so therefore you have theatre, you have underage people coming in and you want to sell alcohol, so i'm questioning again, coming to the community, no security plan and again the boilerplate conditions by the police department when they're already oversaturated in this neighborhood, there's a proposal already for a restriction in this neighborhood of alcohol licenses by david chu if he ever gets the legislation off the ground, he came to the neighborhood already about this and putting five on the agenda today, all of them basically surrounding district 6, so i'm wondering about the wisdom of the city of having an all day liquor license of granting five
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today. >> any other members of the public who would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public item is closed. do we have a motion? >> i would like to move it forward with recommendations. >> that would be the order, mr. clerk, can you slowly read item 1 so president chu can come from across the hall. >> item number 1, hearing to consider the issuance of a type 21 off-sale general liquor license to landmark retail group for cvs pharmacy located at 1059 hyde street. >> president chu, this one is in your district. >> i would like to first of all address i think the last comment of the public comment on the items for today on my count, there are two items in district 3 which are items 1 and 2 and both of them involve situations that the community and neighborhood groups i think
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are quite supportive of. i do know that a fourth item is in district 10 so there are two items in district 6 and i appreciate the comment that was made. i do want to mention in the lower poke neighborhood, we have had a conversation about whether there ought to be some cap on future liquor licenses as i discussed with the lower poke neighbors just last week or two weeks ago, my office is preparing legislation to consider an alcoholic reduced risk, i look to bringing that legislation forward hopefully in the next few weeks, with regards to item number 1, this involves a site that my office and the neighborhoods that are represented here have been working on for a number of years. at this site at california and hyde, there existed a cal food supermarket, they decided to pull out of that area and all of us were troubled at the idea that that very dense set of neighborhoods, really the intersection of middle poke,
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lower poke and nob hill would be left without a supermarket, so it would be to bring a trader joe's along with a cvs along to that site, it has unanimous support of what we want to see happen there, now cvs wanted a liquor license nr the neighborhooand this is a part of my district that has a significant number of liquor licenses and i want to thank the neighborhood associations that worked with my office as well as the project spore -- sponsor to come up with a good solution, and that is as follows, cvs would like to have a liquor license but what the neighborhood and what my office has asked them to do is to purchase several liquor licenses, particularly at 2 undesirable alcohol retailers to take two licenses off the street in